The top 5 Indian Visa Ports of Exit are Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. These are the most popular Indian Visa Ports of Exit for tourists and businessmen. Australian citizens can obtain visas at the following Indian Visa Ports of Entry: Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, and Bangalore. INDIAN VISA PORTS OF EXIT

Know your VISA Passport

If you are planning to leave India, it is important to be aware of the different types of visas that are available. The most common type of visa is a VISA PASSPORT, which enables you to stay in India for a certain period of time. Other types of visas include tourist visas and business visas.

When choosing a visa, it is important to remember the type of visa you will need and the validity dates. Most visas have a validity period of six months, but some have longer validity periods. Make sure you know the expiration date so that you can plan your trip correctly.

Another important thing to keep in mind when leaving India is the fact that you cannot enter India on a tourist visa if you do not have a VISA PASSPORT. If you do not have a VISA PASSPORT, you will need to apply for an E-VISA at an embassy or consulate before departing from India.

Remember to check the Indian Embassy or Consulate website for more information about how to apply for a particular type of visa.

Top 5 major VISA ports of exit from India

  1. Mumbai (Maharashtra)
  2. Chennai (Tamil Nadu)
  3. Calcutta (West Bengal)
  4. Delhi (Delhi)

Australian Visa Poses

If you plan on visiting Australia, you will need to apply for a visa beforehand. The Australian Government has different visa requirements for citizens of different countries.

For people from the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Ireland, a tourist visa is required. This allows visitors to stay for up to three months and visit any number of designated tourist areas.

For people from China, South Korea, Norway, and Switzerland, a business visa is required. This allows visitors to stay for up to three months and conduct business in designated areas.

People from other countries must apply for a student visa. This allows students to study in Australia for up to 12 months.

Once you have obtained your visa, make sure that you have all the necessary documentation with you when you travel to Australia. This includes your passport photo page and your visa application form. You can also download the forms from the Australian Government website.

Pros and Cons


-Many countries are accessible from India through its numerous ports of entry.

-India is home to a large and diverse population, making it an ideal destination for tourists from around the world.

-The country is relatively affordable, with prices generally lower than those in western countries.


-India’s infrastructure remains largely undeveloped, making travel and transportation difficult and expensive.

-Rates for hotels and other lodging can be high, and there is no guarantee of quality or affordability.

-The country is known for its crowded streets and high crime rates.


If you are planning to travel to India, it is important to know the top five visa and entry ports of exit from India. This will help you avoid any potential issues when trying to leave the country. Make sure you have all the appropriate visas before departing, and be aware of the time limits associated with each type of visa.